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Online Music Recording Studio Trip-Hop.com

Commercial quality productions and recordings of songs in electronic music styles at ridiculous prices.
Music demos for songwriters, singers and lyricists.
Backing tracks for live performances.
Worldwide availability.
Deeply individual approach.

Our service would be of interest to creative talented people who write lyrics and tunes and want their song to turn into a real commercial product. We can write music based on your material, record it, develop and polish your music ideas until they blossom into professional and finished commercial music. Unlike most of the music demo recording services, we will never offer you a song that we are not fully satisfied with because we are really devoted to the job we are doing. This site is not 100% commercial. Our interest in music production is not limited with the amount of money the song can bring; it also depends on how much satisfaction both of us get from working on it. Currently, we are the only worldwide available studio that focuses on electronic styles. However, in spite of the studio name Trip-hop.com, we create music that is not limited to this style only. We can create your unique style by combining Down-Tempo, Drum And Bass, Industrial, Breakbeat, IDM, Electro-Pop, Acid Jazz, Alternative, Electronic, Ambient, Techno, Electronic Dance, Goth, Rock, Progressive Rock, and Synth-Pop. There are our main styles.

Coming soon ! Articles on: "How to make dance music", "How to write trip-hop", "How to achieve a professional guitar sound at home" articles. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions - our specialists will reply to them in the form of a "how to..." article

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